Hunters from Angus

( before 1928 Angus was known as Forfarshire )

photo of GGG Hunter and his book

On Jan 21, 2016

Hunters of Forfarshire

George Graham Guthrie Hunter 1889-1972 was the second son of William George Hunter, 11th and last Laird of Burnside. His father sold Burnside Estate 1883. Graham ended up in Canada and USA as a wealthy self made man never forgetting his heritage .....

Feb 01, 2016

Hunters at Culloden

There was no Hunter Clan attendance as seen by the Highland Clans. Culloden did not start as a national fight for survival.... .....David Hunter 7th Laird of Burnside, was our most notable contribution as captain in the Prince‘s Life Guards.

photo of burnside

On Jan 21, 2016

Lairds of Burnside

A list of the Hunter of Burnside Lairds over a three hundred year span. This is a picture of the old farm behind Burnside House (which is still standing and looks good) but the Hunters have left .....

map of forfarshire angus

On Jan 15, 2016

Forfarshire had 778 Hunters in 1881 making it the 7th largest concentration out of the 33 Scottish counties.

It is situated around and to the north of the City of Dundee. The largest town is Arbroath and the main employment was agriculture and fishing.