Hunters from Angus

Angus is the new name given to Forfarshire in 1928. There is a fair amount of Hunter history in Forfarshire. The Burnside Hunters are the largest documented group so a good place to start. This page does not mean that is all there is, it is merely a door-opener. There are many other Hunters families from this county worth a mention, for their contributions to history and also just for being there.
photo of G.G.G. Hunter and his book

On 11 Dec, 2017

Hunters of Forfarshire
The book, The Hunters of Forfarshire 1528-1928, written by G. G. G. Hunter in 1928, was privately printed with about 128 numbered copies. In it are details of the history and genealogy of the Hunters of Burnside, Restenneth, Forfar, Balgay, Baldovie, Blackness and more. I have copied it here, as it was written, added parts and updated the genealogy using sources, not then available.
I have spread this over 12 web-pages, each page follows the other. If you are looking for a specific page I have listed them below.
The Hunters of Forfarshire 1528-1928
List of separate pages:
Hunters of Forfarshire Introduction, Preface, Preamble. Hunters of Restenneth and genealogy, Restenneth Priory.
  Early Hunters in Angus Red Castle, 14th century, Early Hunters in Angus.
Hunters of Burnside Hunters of Burnside and Dod, Balgillo, Grange Monifieth.
  Burnside Estate Burnside estate, map and history.
  Lairds of Burnside Lairds of Burnside 1587-1883.
   Hunter of Burnside Genealogy Burnside Hunters family tree.
   Hunter Broughty Ferry Broughty Ferry, the Hunter influence.
Balgay and Baldovie Hunters of Balgay, Logie and Baldovie, 16th-18th century including genealogy.
Hunters of Forfar Wills and armorials.
Hunter of Balskelly Hunters of Balskelly 1660-1850.
  Hunters of Blackness genealogy Balskelly and Blackness family tree.
Hunter of Blackness Balskelly to Blackness and beyond 1741-1930.
photo of Burnside House

On Jan 21, 2016

Lairds of Burnside
A list of the Hunter of Burnside Lairds over a three hundred year span.
This is a picture of Burnside House built by General David Hunter (shown right) and Captain William G. Hunter (left) who sold it.
It is still standing and looks good, but the Hunters have all gone. Read More