About Us


(not really an us at present)

I would like to tempt a hand full of knowledgeable folks onboard to help get the ball rolling. If you have knowledge, time and or skills, please get in touch. I can't handle genealogy queries yet but your family story and / or genealogy findings gratefully received.

As a Hunter living in Scotland and an ex clan member, committee member, webmaster, secretary, researcher, membership secretary, fundraiser, photographer, historian, genealogist, newsletter editor, tour arranger and sort of everything else ~ at the same time. I guess I have a fair understanding of the subject and problems /politics involved.
A dedicated Hunter forum will be included as soon as I get the web site populated a bit better.

The internet has hundreds upon hundreds of web sites with Hunter stuff, from pages of research to the odd mention of an in-law. All the little crumbs that make the cake. I save lots in my "favourites" but sometimes going back to look, find the provider was taken over or "modernised" or the editor died or maybe just lost interest and the work has disappeared forever. Such a shame and a disrespect on the researchers commitment.

How many Hunters make a pilgrimage to the "homeland". For some it will be a once in a lifetime trip. Memories to last a lifetime. Wouldn't it be nice to have travel tips from those who have trod that path before. Do's and don'ts, where things are and what you need to know. The perfect trip, no later regrets of "if only we had known then?"

It would be nice to see the Hunter story on-line.

This site has nothing to do with the clan Hunter U.K. association.

Peter Hunter