map showing location of Hunterston

Dec 28, 2015

nearly 1000 years so far

The first Hunters arrived in Ayrshire in the last years of the 11th Century. They were experts in hunting and field craft with generations of experience in the forests of their land of origin, Normandy, northern France. .....

picture showing some of the Hunterston lairds

On Dec 20, 2015

The Lairds

A detailed list of the lairds in charge of Hunterston and the Hunter family there .....

a photograph taken on the estate

On Dec 11, 2015

Hunterston estate

doing bits on this just now.....

a photograph of the castle at Hunterston

Jan 17, 2016

The castle

waffle waffle

picture of Hunterston house

On Jan 31, 2016

Hunterston House

not started this page yet the above link takes you online for a virtual visit

cadet branches will link in here



  • Major Hunter-Weston picture
  • a view of the castle buildings
  • the castle from the front
  • the castle showing from the rear