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On Dec 07, 2015

What can you expect to find out

OK, you got this far, let's just go over what you can expect to find out and why do some people find it so addictive or rewarding.

There comes a time in life, for a lot of people, when they ponder a bit or even a lot about who they are, where they come from, what's life all about.

Whether age related or triggered by a wee reminder of how fragile we are. The urge to find out who we are and where we come from can lead to a lifetime hobby.

A good starting place would be to check facts and figures with all your elder relatives. Get everything written down in a logical sequence copying any certificates you can get a loan of.

Armed with this information most folks should be able to get started. Some sort of information should be online using search engines such as Google or Bing & etc..

In the UK there is protection for the "living" which limits buying certificates to over 100 years old.

If checking the UK / Scotland as long as you can get back to around the 1914-18 war, with family knowledge, then you should be able to trace your folks back another 100 years with census and certificates.

Before that epidemics, wars, transportations and clearances start making things harder. You could still be fortunate if there was money, property, professional qualifications and such but tracing the poor Mr Normal, who didn't get any medals, have a horse or break the law, gets a lot harder.

You may be lucky to find most or part of your tree has already been researched by a yet unknown relative.

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On Dec 29, 2015

History and Genealogy searches online for free

There is a lot of stuff available online, without having to pay. Here we will show you a few tricks to speed things up and start pulling in the goodies .....

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Dec 19, 2015

Google is our friend

Not a paid for advert but for those who may not know the beauty of Google streetview... Most of Scotland is covered. Grab your mouse and have a walk down The Royal Mile or a drive down Loch Ness or maybe even a trip around Stirling castle for free.

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On Dec 11, 2015

Thinking of employing a 3rd party?

It is a big business and it all comes down to trust and integrity. Be careful who you give your money to, e.g. it's nice to see a full census report instead of just one name on it.

need more? strengths and weaknesses

Scotlands People is a paysite, still doesn't have everyone ever but has the most comprehensive collection of birth/marriage & etc., certificates.

Probably the largest commercial paysite, member submitted information is a good source but may not neccessary be reliable. They normally offer a free trail period.

Scotlands Places is a free site, it may not have something for every seeker but has good information.