Views of Scotland

Streetview Scotland

For those who don't know about it or those who don't know the extent of it. The majority of Scotland is covered. It is handy for checking if places are easy to get to or even worth the trip, scenery wise. I use it to check complicated junctions there's nothing worse than a missed turn on a busy road. I used it to help Hunterston visitors find their way from Edinburgh / Glasgow station or even Greenock docks. If you are touring you can check out e.g. Loch Ness to see if you have the time to get there. You can even see inside Stirling castle to help decide whether to go.

I also recommend RAC route planner for realistic distances, routes and travelling times.

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central Scotland

Click the + until the road sizes are adequate then drag the wee yellow man onto the road you would like to see.

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Forth Road Bridge

Quite a hot topic lately. You can see the train bridge on the left and the new one under construction on the right.

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You can work out whats where to save the feet a bit before you go. Or even have just a virtual holiday.

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Stirling Castle

You can work out if things are worth including in your itinerary depending on time available, weather or entrance fees.

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Fort Augustus

Where the Caledonian Canal meets the south end of Loch Ness. A bonny wee place..

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Eilean Donan

Does it really look like this or is it in the middle of Glasgow?

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Hunterston Castle

It's worth backtracking a bit to the entrance from the main road, it's not all that obvious and you may miss it.

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Capital of the highlands, lots to look at and always worth a visit.

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East Neuk

In my corner, sights to see from the wee fishing villages to the Home of Golf.