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This is the Hunter House, in my home town, Kirkcaldy. It was the home of a John Hunter, who I don't know much about so far. On his death a trust fund he had set up converted this house to a Hospital specifically for poor people who couldn't be treated at home. It served in varying guises as the Hunter Hospital in Hunter Street for the next eighty odd years. The central portion still stands today.

Scots Brigade in 1775

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Andrew Hunter was the minister of Carnbee from 1582 to 1588 and translated to Newburn from 1589 to 1594.

May 1594. There was a General Assembly of ministers in Edinburgh. The King, James the 6th of Scotland, had directed his Commissioner sit with them and listen to the proceedings, in particular... "That Mr Andro Huntar being the first minister who in Scotland hes proven a traitour and rebell aganis a christian King may be excommunicat. That all ministers dissuade their people from concurring with any traitours particularlie Bothwell and that they rise not in airms with any except they see the King's commission."
Andrew Hunter, the minister at Newbirnie in Fife. Was accused of deserting his flock and for intercommuning with sometime Earl Bothwell and his accomplices. (Francis Stewart the 5th Earl of Bothwell was the Kings cousin and they were always falling in and out of friendship. When his aunt Mary Queen of Scots was put to death the Earl of Bothwell wanted to invade England and had publicly stated that King James should be hanged for doing nothing to avenge his mothers death.) The Commisioners, for his Majesty, desired of the ministers that Hunter be excommunicated.
The ministers consulted and decided that Mr. Andrew Hunter, in respect that he was declared the Kings rebel, and according to the custum was put to the horn, they thought necessary to dispose him of his function, until he both satisfied the King's Majesty and the Kirk for that fault; and found, by their general reasoning and common votes, that they could not recommend he be excommunicated.

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Hunter for his activity was forced to leave the country; he became a minister to the Scots soldiers in the Netherlands.

(up to four Scottish regiments were in Holland, between 1574 to 1782 helping them in their struggle for independance from Spain) Andrew served there from 1598 - 1630, which was an exceptionally long time for such an appointment. In 1623 the church started a clean up of their ministerial standards in the Netherlands. They formalized a Synod examining the calling and carriage of their ministers. They formed a committee of forteen members which included Andrew as a senior serving minister. The regard of the troops for their chaplain is shown by the Reverend Andrew Hunter's long service, his receipt of an increase of pay in 1604, his Latin memorials of 1611 and 1618, and the interesting and honourable letter of the colonels in 1630, in which they ask a further allowance for his widow, and state their readiness "to provide for our own minister".

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Hunters in Fife shown in an 1862 Directory

Name Location Occupation
Hunter, John Carnock Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Hunter David & William Cults Pitlessie Masons
Hunter, David Ferrybank, Cupar Gardeners
Hunter, John Rumbling Well, Dunfermline Grocer & Spirit dealer
Hunter, George Kirkgate, Dunfermline Hotel & Innkeeper
Hunter, James 69 High Street, Dunfermline Clock & Watchmaker
Hunter, William Douglas Street, Dunfermline Fleshers
Hunter, William 97 High Street, Dunfermline Green grocer & Fruiterers
Hunter, Thomas Back Dykes, Elie Joiners & Wrights
Hunter, J., Subscription School, Falkland Teacher & schools
Hunter, Thomas Charleton by Colinsburgh, Kilconquhar Gardeners
Hunter Mrs J.L. Furnished Lodgings Proprietor, Kinghorn
Hunter, William 248 High Street, Kirkcaldy Clock & Watchmaker
Hunter, Mrs. Robert 301 High Street, Kirkcaldy Dressmaker & Milliners & Dyers Agent
Hunter, Mrs. Robert 301 High Street, Kirkcaldy Registry Office (Keepers of,for Servants)
Hunter, Thomas Linktown, Kirkcaldy Joiners & Wrights & architects
Hunter, William & Son 54 High Street, Kirkcaldy Joiner & Wrights
Hunter Mrs J. Anchor Tavern Dysart, Kirkcaldy
Hunter, James Relief Street Dysart, Kirkcaldy Broker
Hunter, Mrs., 21 Charlotte Street, Kirkcaldy Grocers
Hunter, Thomas Lochgelly Baker
Hunter, Henry Lochgelly Boot & Shoemaker
Hunter, John Lochgelly Carter
Hunter, The Misses Markinch Gentry & Peo. of independant means
Hunter, James Monimail, Letham Blacksmith
Hunter, John West Port, Newburgh Carter & land labourer
Hunter, John M., East Shore, Pittenweem retired excise officer
Hunter, John 75 High Street, Scoonie Grocers
Hunter James Colonel 60 South Street, St. Andrews
Hunter, The Misses 71 North Street, St. Andrews Gentry & Peo. of independant means
Hunter, Alexander 82 South Street, St. Andrews Town Officer & Bill Poster