Hunters of Forfarshire part 2


Burnside was a property lying between Restenneth and Dod but was sold to George Dempster of Dunnichen in 1743 when the name was changed to Fithie Farm and Dod was changed to Burnside. Hunters were in possession of Burnside in 1637 but it is not known how long previous to that time they were proprietors. The old deeds may still be in the hands of the Dempster family or the proprietors of Dunnichen and should disclose the date they were acquired by the Hunters. David Hunter, an ancestor of the Hunters of Burnside, was Provost of Forfar in 1575, as disclosed in the will of William Hunter, a burgess of Forfar, who died in that year.
St. Andrews testaments under date of March 27, 1616, contains the will of David Hunter, elder sometime Provost of Forfar, who died 26th July, 1615, the witness being William Hunter, son and heir of James Hunter, Burgess of Forfar, probably of the Restenneth family. In this will Andrew Hunter, Provost of Forfar, his son, was appointed his executor and his beneficiaries were his son John and grandchildren Janet, Agness, William, George, David and Robert, all children of Andrew and his grandson John.
In the will of William Hunter, Burgess of Forfar, 1575, Andrew Hunter in Lumphanane appeared as a debtor of the estate. It has not been determined whether or not this was Andrew who afterwards became Provost.
In an old title deed in my possession dated 12th April, 1606, of the property of Kingsmuir (adjoining Burnside) sold by Thomas Lyon of Auldbar and John Lyon, his eldest son, to Jacob Kid. The witnesses include George Hunter, Alexander Hunter, younger, David Hunter, elder, James Hunter and Andrew Hunter, Provost of Forfar.
Andrew Hunter, Provost of Forfar, died 29th September, 1637, his will being recorded in St. Andrews testaments on the 25th January, 1639. His elder two sons having died leaving only two daughters each, he appointed his surviving sons, David and Robert, his executors. This David Hunter was probably the first laird of Burnside.
In the will of David Hunter, Merchant of Dundee of the Balgay family, who died 1637, David Hunter of Burnside was appointed executor. David Hunter of Burnside was a member of the Scottish Parliament in 1643 (see Stoddart's Heraldry).
A sasine deed in the author's possession dated April 4, 1640, marked Dod No. 52, conveys the property of Kingsmuir from David Arbuthenot de Pitcairles and his son Robert to David Hunter Senior, Burgess of Forfar, and David Hunter Junior, his eldest son.
This David Hunter of Burnside probably died prior to 1650. His son, David Hunter, of Burnside acquired in 1652 the lands of Easter and Wester Dod, Braeside and Forester's Seat, Fanno and Finnieston.
In 1666 with his eldest son, David Hunter, Jr., he purchased the lands of Balgillo in the Parish of Monifieth and North Ferry from Alexander Haliburton.
In 1673, with his second son Andrew, he purchased the Barony of Dod. His wife was Catherine Campbell of the Carsegownie family, whose will was recorded at Brechin May 26, 1659. David Hunter died in 1676 and was succeeded by his eldest son,
David Hunter, 3rd Laird of Burnside. He was apparently living at another Burnside in the Parish of Monifieth. This may have been part of the Balgillo property. He died in 1699 and was succeeded by his eldest son,
Robert Hunter, 4th Laird of Burnside, but who resided at Burnside in Monifieth. He married Allison Graham, daughter of David Graham of Duntroone near Dundee, the marriage settlement being still in my possession. Robert died in 1702 and was succeeded by his infant son,
David, 5th Laird, but who died five years later. This child was succeeded by his uncle, David Hunter, 6th Laird and third son of the third Laird, the second son, Andrew, having died in 1706.
David Hunter, the 6th Laird, succeeded to the properties of Burnside, Waltoun, Auchterforfar in the Parishes of Rescobie and Forfar and also to the Balgillo property in Monifieth.
Andrew Hunter of Dod, the second son of the second Laird, was still living in the house of Dod in the Barony of Dod. He died in 1713, entailing his property to heirs male of:
  1. his brother David, third Laird,
  2. David Merchant in Dundee, son of his younger brother,
  3. Thomas Hunter, elder, wright in Forfar,
  4. Andrew Hunter, son of Andrew Hunter and Elspeth Thornton and
  5. John Hunter of Baldovie in the Parish of Kingoldrum, son of Robert Hunter of Baldovie and grandson of John Hunter of Balgay near Dundee.

David Hunter the 6th of Burnside, married in 1718 Emily (Amilia) Grahame daughter of David Graham 10th of Fintry. In 1719 he purchased Restenneth from Vilant and on the death of his uncle, Andrew Hunter, of Dod was also vested in the Barony of Dod and Kingsmuir. He died in 1728 and was succeeded by his eldest son,
David Hunter 7th, of Burnside. Both Burnside House and Dod House by that time were in very poor condition and he purchased the property of The Grange Monifieth where he resided with his wife Barbara Gordon, daughter of Peter Gordon of Abergeldie. In 1744 he sold the properties of Restenneth and Ethiebeaton at Monifieth; he also sold to George Dempster of Dunnichen, Waltoun, Auchterforfar and Burnside in the Parishes of Rescobie and Forfar on the condition that Dempster changed the name of Burnside to Fithie Farm, the house by that time being entirely eradicated.
The name of the Dod House was then changed to Burnside.
The 7th Laird was an ardent Jacobite and joined the army of Prince Charlie. He was made Captain in the Prince's life guards and after the rebellion failed was forced to flee with Lord Echo through Sweden and Germany, joining Prince Charlie in Paris. He lived for some time in Venice with Lord Elcho but was killed fighting a duel in France in 1758. He was succeeded by his eldest son,
Charles Hunter 8th, of Burnside, who built the present mansion of Burnside on the Dod property close to the ruins of the old house of Dod. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Gray of Kinfauns and Ballegarno. He became deputy lieutenant of the County of Forfarshire under Lord Douglas and took a great interest in the militia acting as Colonel of the Angus Fencibles. He died in 1809 and was succeeded by his eldest son,
General David Hunter 9th, of Burnside, who fought in Ireland. He married Margaret, eldest daughter of William Douglas of Brigton and died in 1846. His eldest son Charles died without issue and his second son William, having died in 1845, the next Laird was
David Hunter 10th of Burnside, eldest son of William Hunter (the 2nd son) and Mary Taylor of Kirtonhill. The 10th Laird married Margaret Wemyss Hendersen and died at Rushen Abbey, Isle of Man, in Oct., 1847. He was succeeded by his only son,
William George Hunter 11th, of Burnside, who was born the year of his father's death. He married Isabella Kathleen Fayrer, daughter of Major Robert Fayrer Hickey.
He sold the Scottish properties in 1881 to 1883 and acquired the property of The Elms, Hunningham, Leamington in the County of Warwick.
His eldest son David died without issue and his second son, George Graham Guthrie Hunter, now residing at Burnside, Setauket, Long Island, U. S. A., married Sybil Vida Gunn and they have two children, David Douglas Hunter and Carol Joan Greta Hunter.
Many old title deeds, marriage settlements, etc., are in the author's possession, dating back as early as 1455.
Hunters of Burnside, genealogy

Copies and Extracts of Some Ancient Wills

Hunters of Burnside and Dod

David Hunter, Provost of Forfar Died 26th July, 1615

Vol. 6—The Testament Testamentar and Inventary of the goods, &c., of the umquhile David Huntar elder sumtyme provest of Forfar, who deceased on 26th July, 1615.
Given up by himself on 25th July, 1615, before these witnesses, William Huntar sone ane air of umquhile James Huntar, burgess of Forfar, Jon Couper, flescheor burgess of the said burgh and John Guthrie at the miln of Halkertoun.
Inventary consisting of corn, and cloth due by John Guthrie in Cottoun of Halkertoun miln; Item of present money in the hands of Andro Huntar his sone, and household utensills
Amounts to— £581.13-4
Debts owing to the defunct by Alexander Buchan in Lochmiln, William Halknay in Inglistoun, Alexander Langlands, David Dog in Hellerstakis, William Huntar sone to umquhile George Huntar and by the airs of Archibald Andersone
Sum of said debts— £333-6-8
Debts owing by the defunct to Thomas Currie and Jonet Huntar, servant amount to— £12
Free geir — £903
To be divided in 3 parts ilk pairt is £301

Follows the latter Will —
The said David Huntar being waik and diseasit in bodie and haill in saull of perfyt memorie makis his legacie and Latter Will as eftirfollowis:
First He leave his saull to God and his bodie to be buried hounestlie.
Item in the first he leaves to Jonet Hunter dochter to Andro Huntar 300 merkis;
Item to Agnes Huntar hir sister 200 merkis;
Item to William Huntar sone to the said Andro 100 merkis;
Item to George Huntar 100 merkis;
Item to David Huntar his oy 100 merkis;
Item to Robert Huntar his oy 100 merkis;
Item to John Hunter his sone 100 merkis;
Item to Jon Hunter his oy 100 merkis;
to pay his small dettis and his buriall 100 merkis;
Item nominates Andro Huntar his sone his onlie executor and universall intromitter with his guids and geir.
Done the said duelling hous at twa houris efter noon or thairby William Scott, burgess of Forfar is cautioner.
Confirmed 27th March, 1616.

Andrew Hunter, Provost of Forfar Died 29 Sept., 1637

Vol. 9—The Testament Testamentar and Inventary of the goods, geir, &c., of umquhile Andro Hunter Provest of Forfar in the parish and Shire thereof, who died on 29th September, 1637.
Given up by David and Robert Huntars lawful bairns and executors decerned to the said defunct.
Inventary consists of a horse, cattle, sheep, utensils and domeciles, Amounting to — £438-13-4
Debts owing to the defunct by John Beny, cordiner, Alexander Beny, James Beny, Jon Myln, William Quhyte, James Sethie, merchant burgess of Dundie, Jon Auld, James Esplen, Jon Bearne, Jon Nicoll, Elizabeth Lindesay, David Stevone, William Dick, Jon Bower and Jon Barclay, Alexander Strang.
Sum of said debts— £1408-8-8
Debts owing by the defunct to the Town of Forfar for their present teind £26; Item of hervest feild and serveand fies this yeir £40;
Item to John Cairne-cross of Balmaschanner Master of the ground of ferme - £87-16/-.
Sum of said debts— £153-16/-
No division
Follows the Latter Will.
I, Andro Huntar, provest of Forfar, for declaration of my will and meynd annent my means and guids efter my deceis And for removeing debait and questoun thereanent amongst my children.
I be the tenor heirof doed leave and in legacie dispone for the use of the pure (poor) £40 to be warit imployit and bestowd be the sicht and at the discretioun of David Huntar my third lawfull sone as he sail think expedient;
Item to Alexander Huntar in Forfar ten merks
to William Huntar tailleor his sone ten merks;
Item to Jon Huntar my nephew;
Item to Bessie and Isoble Huntaris onlie bairns douchteris and airs procurators of umquhile William Huntar my eldest laufull sone equallie betuixt thame as to on representing the person of the said umquhile William the sowme of 400 merks scots money in full contentation and satisfaction to thame of the sowme of 100 merks of legacie left to their said umquhile father be umquhile David Huntar my father and als in satisfactioun to thame of all bairnes part of geir portioun, natural airschipe, guids and geir utheris quhatsumever they as - - - on representing the persone of their said umquhile father may as air to me and bairn of my house or utherwayis be band howsoever ask, pute, creave, and clame In any manner of way be and throw my deceis and for the sufficient acquittance and dischairge to be granted to my executors thereanent and no utherwayes
Item I leave and in legacie to dispone to Janet and Allieson Huntaris only bairnes and douchteris of umquhile George Huntar by second lawfull sone as to on representing the persone of the said umquhile George And to David and Robert Huntaris my only sones now on lyffe and to Janet Huntar my eldest laufull douchter and to Patrik Suittie hir spous for his intrest And to Agnes Huntar my youngest douchter and Jon Huntar in Glames hir spous for his intrest.
The quhoill remanent of all and sudrie the frie guids geir, cornes, cattell, insicht, pleinsching hors, scheip, detts, sowmes of money, gold, silver and utheris quhatsumever pertaining to me the tyme of my said deceis to be equallie and proportionallie devydit in fyve severall pairts and portions as to Witt to the bairnes and douchteris of the said umquhile George Huntar as to on representing his persone persone ane fyft pairt And to ilk ane of the saids David, Janet, Robert and Agnes Huntaris the lyke fyft pairt
and finallie I nominat and constitut the saids David and Robert Huntaris my sones my only executors testamentars and universall intromittors with all and sundrie my cornes, catell, hors, molt, scheip, insicht, plenishing detts, lands, obligations, sowmes of money, gold, silver, abulziaments and utheris guids and geir quhatsymever pertaining to me or in my possession the tyme of my said deceis quhen it sall happine with power to thame in contenent efter my said deceis to meddle and intromit therewith at their awin hands and to seclude and debar all utheris therefra and to present the samen in ane Inventarie for ordinar confirmation and to use and exercise the said office of executry als laufullie in all respects as any executors testamentars may doe be the lawis of this realme ordaining my saids executors to mak payment of my quhoill laufull detts and to the saids legators of their legacies above-nominat and out of the first and reddiest end of my saids guids and geir to satisfie thamselves of the necessar chairges and expenses to be debursit on my buriall confirmatioun of this my testament and collecting of my detts and their presents I ordain to stand as my Latter Will and testament in all tyme cuming.
In witness quhairof I have subscrived thir presents (Wreattin be William Gray, sheriff Clerk for Forfar)
at Forfar 21st September, 1637
Witnesses, William Gray and William Louk his servitor
Mr. David Peirsone clerk of Forfar is cautioner.
Confirmed 25th January, 1639.

Vol. 8—The Testament Dative and Inventary of the guids, &c., of umquhile George Huntar laufull sone of Andro Huntar provest of Forfar and umquhile Euphame Benie his spous, the tyme of their deceis respectively viz;— The said umquhile George died in Traillsound in Pomor furth of this realme in the month of July, 1628; and the said umquhile Euphame died in the month of November last. Given up by William Huntar lawfull brother to the defunct in name and behalf of Andro Allysone and Janet Huntaris lawful bairnes to the defuncts being minors and executors dative decerned to their said umquhile father and mother.
Sum of Inventary— £30
No debts owing to the dead.
Debts owing by the defunct to Richard Morgan of ferme, Bessie Racket, Euphame Mortimer, Isobell Ranie, Isobel Quhyte and Chrisstine Muckarsie servants— £28-6.8
Free geir — £1.13-3
To be divided in two parts ilk pairt is— 16/8
Andro Huntar his father provest of Forfar is cautioner. Confirmed 21st January, 1629.

1659, May 26— Testament dative of Catherine Campbell, (spouse to David Hunter of Burnside), who died in May 1657, given up by the said David as her executor.
The estate is valued to £1588:0:8 being farm stock and plenishing.
There was due to them £506:13:4 including sums by Mr. William Hunter of Balgay, John Jarrane, Janet Gray in Dundee, John Ogilvie of Sellay, Walter Mills of Dyckland, Alexander Wallace and James Stormont. They were due £4272:13:4 including sums to Robert Edward, Robert Clayhills of Newbigging, James Piggot, George Campbell in Edinburgh, Alexander Keigh, John Meike and John, Earl of Loudoun.
Confirmed, Alexander Campbell of Carsgownie, cautioner. (Brechin Tests).

Andrew Hunter of Dod Died Oct-Nov., 1713

Vol. 17 - 1713, Dec. 30 — Testament testamentar of Andrew Hunter of Dod in the Parish of Rescobie and shire of Forfar, who died on - - October last, given up by David Hunter, merchant in Dundee, executor testamentar to the defunct; whose will is given.
In it he appoints the said David Hunter, his brother's son, his only executor, and mentions that be has already disposed of his lands and the succession to them but he leaves his moveables to his said executor with instructions to pay legacies to the following persons:—
John Vilant in Pitrochrie; Mr. Colin Vilant, Professor of Philosophy in St. Leonards College in St. Andrews; Mr. William Vilant, Professor of Humanity in St. Salvators College there;
Elspeth Hunter, lawful daughter to Thomas Hunter, elder in Forfar; Katherine Hunter, also his daughter;
the poor of the parish of Rescobie;
John Hunter, son of the deceased Robert Hunter, sometime of Baldovie;
Andrew Hunter at the Seagate port in Dundee;
Catherine Hunter, spouse to David Cuthbert, smith in Forfar;
Eupham Brandon, spouse to James Dickson, shoemaker in Forfar; Isobel Brandon, spouse to John Thorntoun, shoemaker there;
George Campbell, lawful son to Campbell of Carsgownie by the deceased Jean Hunter, his first spouse,
the children of the deceased Mr. David Vilant, my sister's son, who dwelt in New York in America, to be divided among them whenever they come to this country with certain evidence that they are his children, and failing them, their share to belong to the three persons of the name of Vilant already mentioned and their sister Catherine Vilant;
Alexander Turnbull, sometime bailie of Montrose, my sister's son;
Andrew Hunter, son to Andrew Hunter, shoemaker in Forfar, by Elspeth Thomson, his spouse, and failing him Andrew Hunter, son to Thomas Hunter, elder, in Forfar;
Catherine Vilant, my sister's daughter, spouse to William Hunter of Restennet.
He appoints that if David Hunter, now of Burnside, my brother, survive me and have male children they are to have 2000 merks.
This Testament is dated 28 Sept. 1710.
In a Codicil he leaves additional legacies to some of these persons including the Vilants and to Thomas Hunter, younger, one of the bailies of Forfar, and the said Andrew Hunter, his brother,
dated 28 May, 1712.
His estate is valued to £27685:1:6
being sums due to him by, inter alios, John, Earl of Strathmore, etc.
Confirmed, Mr. Colin Vilant, professor, cautioner. (St. Andrews Tests. Vol. 17).

Andrew Hunter Died December, 1704

Vol. 8—The Testament Dative and Inventary of the goods, &c., of umquhile Andrew Huntar
(second lawful son and one of the nearest of kin and executors dative decerned and confirmed to the deceasd David Huntar of Burnside),
who died in the month of December, 1704.
Given up by Andrew Huntar of Dod, Tutor in Law to and as having best knowledge of David, Magaret, Jean and Janet Huntars lawful children to the said deceased David Huntar of Burnside.
Inventary consists of debts due to the defunct by John Dick, writer in Dundie, Mr. Colon Vilant, Professor in Philosophy in St. Leonardo College in St. Andrews to George Symmer of Ballyordie and Mr. Colin Campbell, residentier in Dundie, William Huntar of Restennet, umquhile David Grahame of Duntroon and William Grahame fiar thereof, his eldest lawful son, Robert Young of Auldbar, William Lyon of Easter Ogle and Mr. David Lyon, Commissar of Brechin, Robert Moriesone, merchant in Dundie, Mr. James Small, minister at Forfar, John Doig, late Provost of Brechin and James Doig in Sworde, James Kyd of Craigie, William Lyon and John Lyon of Whyteshall, John Hay younger of Naughton, James Peirson of Ballmadies, Alexander Wedderburn, Clerk of Dundie, Alexander Robertsone of Carnoustie and John Oliphant, merchant in Dundie, Patrick Ogilvy of Ballfour, Sir John Ogilvie of Innerquhairty, Mr. William Gray of Innernichtie, Advocate, Patrick Lyon of Carse, John Lindsay younger of Pitsclaudie and Patrick Bower of Kinnettles
and the sum of £171 as half of a year's annual-rent of the principl:
sum of £6218-6/8 contained in a Heritable Bond, granted by the Earl of Strathmore to the said defunct,
wherein there has followed infeftment.
Sum of Inventary— £5383-5-6
No Division
William Huntar of Restennet is cautioner.
Confirmed 25th June, 1707.