Burnside Estate

a detailed plan of the estate of Burnside

It's nice to see a detailed plan of the estate as it was in 1883 but, following their story for a number of years, I can only feel saddened by this; the end of an era, the end of a dynasty, a feeling of betrayal swells up.
(a wee bit like the last instalment ever of a cracking television series)
This was the plan drawn up to sell Burnside. The 11th Laird wanted to settle in England.

Some of the properties of the Hunter's of Burnside have acquired over the years would include: 1585 first mention James Hunter of Restenneth at his daughters marriage; 1635-6 David Hunter, son of Provost Andrew Hunter, acquired the lands of Burnside and Auchterforfar; 1636 Muirton added; In the will of David Hunter, Merchant of Dundee of the Balgay family, who died 1637 mentions David Hunter of Burnside who was appointed executor; 1640 Kingsmuir added; 1650, Thomas Hunter of Restenneth, son of Thomas Hunter of Reswallie was retoured in the lands of Muirtown, the ileark and lands called Cloksbrigs with mill and mill lands in the barony of Restenneth, rectory and other tends of these lands; 1652 added Easter Dod, Wester Dod, Braeside, Forester Seat, Fanno, Finniestoun, all farming estates; 1666 added Balgillo and North Ferry (Broughty); 1676 Dod, Moorleatherwood, Henwood with the Tower, Fortalice, Manor Place, etc. and also the fishings in the Loch of Rescobie; 1706 bought lands of Draffin; 1709 added some acres called Eyving Hills, and other houses; 1713 mention of John Hunter of Baldovie; 1719 6th Laird suceeded to Burnside, Waltoun, Auchterforfar and also to the Balgillo property in Monifieth, re-purchased Dominical lands of Restenneth sold in 1714; 1744 purchased the Grange Monifieth, sold old Burnside house and grounds, about 4 miles north from Dod house where they now resided, on the condition that it be re-named Fithie Farm, also sold Waltoun and Auchterforfar.
Dod House, in the centre of the larger estate they had now accumulated, had it's name changed to Burnside; 1770 Seagate property Dundee is mentioned; 1744 sold Ethiebeaton at Monifieth; 1784 re-acquired three or four acres with the ruins of the old Burnside house from George Dempster in exchange for a 99 year lease of a quarry on the Dod property. The old house of Dod (previously name-changed to Burnside), being now in a very bad state of repair, Col Charles Hunter knocked it down and built the present mansion house of Burnside, on Dod Hill close to the ruins of the old house of Dod.
In the 1872 list, Proprietors of land over 100 acres, Burnside is given as 1842 acres.
In 1880 the 11th laird disentailed the property and immediately thereafter sold one of the farms, Newmill; in 1881 he sold another five farms viz., Finneston, Fonah, Greenhead, Hagmuir, and Forrester's Seat followed shortly thereafter with, East Mains, Woodend, Dykegead, Newmill and Lochside.
In 1883, Burnside was sold to Sheriff Robertson of Forfar and his daughter, Freda Robertson who married Brodie of Brodie. Freda then sold to Sir George Maitland.
The 11th and last Laird, William George Hunter, then packed up and left for England where he acquired the property of The Elms, Hunningham, Leamington in the County of Warwick.