Hunters from Ayrshire

On Feb 13, 2016

Ayrshire had 1201 Hunters in 1881 making it the 3rd largest concentration out of the 33 Scottish counties.

As Scotland evolved so the counties and registration districts changed. Ayrshire was no different, probably the most sought period (by genealogy seekers) was when the Sherriffdom of Ayr was the three districts of Kyle, Carrick and Cunninghame which later became Ayrshire. Nowadays for administration it is sub-divided into North, South and East Ayrshire. (there is no west)

Hunterston has it's own section ......

On Mar 13, 2016

Doonholm John Hunter of the Abbotshill line bought Doonholm in 1786.
photograph of glenapp castle

May 31, 2016

James Hunter of Glenapp

James Hunter started life as a poor office boy. He worked his way to the top and his product was known around the globe and keenly sought after by those who wanted the best.

James Hunter-Blair and family

Sep 21, 2016

Hunter-Blairs of Blairquhan

Young David had wanted a dream home and bit by bit, tree by tree, Sir David Hunter-Blair, 3rd Baronet, created it.
Painting showing David pulling the barrow, with his family and their home at Dunskey in the background .

Hunters owning over 1 acre of land in Ayrshire in 1874 compiled by INLAND REVENUE, EDINBURGH.

Name Location acreage
David Hunter Blair of Dunskey, Brownhill Dunskey, Portpatrick 807
Sir Edward Hunter Blair of Blairquhan Bart. Blairquhan Castle, Straiton 12,610
Charles Hunter Prestwick 26
David Hunter Newton 8
James Hunter (minerals) North Kirkland, Dalry 27
James Hunter Church Street, Prestwick 23
James Hunter of Glenapp (minerals) Newmains, Motherwell 8580
James Hunter Burnscourt, Ireland 2
John Hunter Farewell Cot., Prestwick 2
John Hunter Poundland, Colmonell 250
Trustees of John Hunter Smiddybank, Dalry 16
Robert Hunter of Hunterston Hunterston House, West Kilbride 881
William Hunter Clunes Vennal, Newton 5
William (above) and Janet Bone Burnside, Newton 6
William Hunter Everton Cot., Prestwick 19
Mrs Rachel Hunter Corsehill, Kilwinning 2
Mrs Mary Hunter Prestwick 2
Agnes, Janet & Thomasina Hunter Cassillis Street, Ayr 10