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Hunters Hall of Fame

M.D. = Doctor of Medicine, W.S. = Writers to Her/His Majesty’s Signet, D.D. = Doctor of Divinity,


Name Location Occupation About
Alexander Hunter, M.D. born Edinburgh, educated Edinburgh physician 1729-1809 author, died in York
Alexander Hunter, W.S. born Edinburgh, educated Edinburgh Writ. Signet 1790-1858 of Bonnytoon Ayrshire
Andrew Hunter D.D. born Edinburgh, educated Edinburgh professor 1743-1809 Barjarg, Tron Kirk
Anne Hunter married July 1771 John Hunter (Calderwood) poetess 1742-1821 poetess, died in London
Gen. Sir Archibald Hunter soldier 1856-1936
General Sir Aylmer Hunter soldier 1864-1940
Christopher Hunter M.D. born Medomsley Durham, educated Cambridge physician, antiquary 1675-1757
Sir Cladius Stephen Hunter born Beech Hill, educated London lord mayor London, 1775-1851
George Orby Hunter Crowland, Lincolnshire soldier translator 1773-1843
Henry Hunter D.D. born Culross, educated Edinburgh divine 1741-1802
John Hunter F.R.S. born Long Calderwood, studied London anatomist, surgeon 1728-1793
John Hunter M.D. born Perthshire, educated Edinburgh physician d. 1809
governor John Hunter born Leith, educated Aberdeen vice admiral 1738-1821
John Hunter LL.D. born Closeburn, educated Edinburgh classical scholar 1745-1837
John Kelso Hunter born Dunkeith, Ayrshire artist 1802-1873
Joseph Hunter born Sheffield, educated York antiquary 1783-1861
General Sir Martin Hunter born Medomsley, Durham soldier 1757-1846
Rachel Hunter born London novelist 1754-1813
Robert Hunter governor, 1666-1734
Robert Hunter native of Ulster painter 1750-1780
Samuel Hunter born Wigtownshire, educated Glasgow editor 1769-1839
Thomas Hunter born Northumberland, educated St. Omer Jesuit 1666-1725
Thomas Hunter born Kendal, educated Oxford author 1712-1777
William Hunter born Long Calderwood, educated Glasgow anatomist 1718-1783
William Hunter M.D. born Montrose, educated Aberdeen orientalist 1755-1812