Hunter Edinburgh

a snapshot of Hunter businesses and people in 1911
Name Location Occupation
Alex. T. Hunter, C.A., African Banking Corporation Ltd., 53 Frederick street agent
Wm. Hunter & Co. 96 South Bridge ; ho., Lasswade bank, Lasswade owner
Birrell, Hunter, & Co. 15 St Peter's place and 92 Grove street grocers and wine merchants
Bonar, Hunter, K. Johnstone, W.S., 15 Hill Street Legal
Wm. F. Hunter United Creameries Ltd. Dunragit, 3 Tarvit street representative
R. M. Hunter Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland, 14 Queen street Secretary
Alex. T. Hunter, C.A., FARROW'S BANK LTD.; 53 Frederick street Agent
Thomas Hunter, L.L.D., W.S., Trinity Hospital: Clerk
Hunter & Bruce 17 Newington road hatters and hosiers
Hunter & Co. 120 St Stephen street painters, paperhangers, and glaziers
Hunter Barr & Co. 22 Waterloo place warehousemen
Hunter A. & W. 6 Fowler terrace; house, 19 Dundee terrace butchers
Hunter, E. A. & F., & Co., W.S. 7 York place; Telegraph, 'Venator, Edinburgh' Legal
HUNTER, H. W. & SON Edinburgh Lead Works, 116 Leith street metal merchants and manufacturers
Hunter, John, & Son Murrayfield mills oatmeal millers
HUNTER, WILLIAM, & CO. 94-99 South Bridge,and 1 Tolbooth wynd, Leith clothiers and outfitters
Hunter, William, & Sons 28 Queen street; works, Thistle Street N.-W. lane bookbinders
Hunter, Alexander 20 Temple Park crescent
Hunter, Alex. Lower Gilmore place; house, 73 Gilmore place plasterer and cement worker
Hunter, Alex. M., 10 London road; house, 3 Elgin ter. tool merchant and ironmonger
Hunter, Alex. T., C.A. 53 Frederick street Accountant
Hunter, Alex. W. 34 Jamaica st. paper cutter
Hunter, Alfred 13 Calton rd. furniture dealer
Hunter, Andrew 204 Bruntsfield place
Hunter, Andrew Duncan, Flockhart, & Co. 48 Garscube terrace
Hunter, Andrew G. 67 Home street; house, 1 Tarvit street tobacconist
Hunter, Andrew J. S. 6 Spring gardens, Stockbridge
Hunter, Arch. A. 35 Almond Bank terrace
Hunter, A. 77 Abbeyhill ; house, 3 Elgin terrace joiner, smith and builder
Hunter, A. 45 Albion road
Hunter, A. B. 7 Salisbury street
Hunter, Charles L. Murrayfield mills; house, Mill house, Roseburn oatmeal millers
Hunter, Christopher 60 Brunswick street insurance agent
Hunter, David 65 McDonald road com. trav.
Hunter, David 21 St Leonard's street
Hunter, David 8a Grange road; house, 7 Hope Park crescent flesher
Hunter, David, 56 Albert street
Hunter, David, 62 St Alban's road
Hunter, David, 19 Warriston cres. solicitor
Hunter, David, 62 Dairy road
Hunter, David, Dakers 5 Sciennes road
HUNTER, Evan A. 49 Shandwick place
Hunter, Frank, W.S. 7 York place; house, 49 Shandwick place
Hunter, George 68 Spottiswoode street
Hunter, George 10 Wellington street
Hunter, George, M.D., F.R.C.P. 33 Palmerston place
Hunter, George Glencairn villa, Moira terrace
Hunter, George 2 Dalziel place Blacksmith
Hunter, George A. 9 West Port; house, 10 Cornwall street grocer and spirit merchant
Hunter, George A. 30 Lomond road
Hunter, George Brunton 13 Merchiston grove
Hunter, Henry F. 6 Ogilvie terrace Teacher
Hunter, Hope 137 Morrison street
Hunter, Hugh Blackburn, W.S. 26 Charlotte square
Hunter, Hume Thompson 15 Piershill place
Hunter, H. W., J.P.(H.W.H.& S.) 8 Hope crescent
Hunter, James 20 Marchmont road
Hunter, James M.D. 35 Cluny gardens
Hunter, James 21 Morningside gardens clerk
Hunter, James 12 Salisbury rd motor engineer
Hunter, James Murdoch terrace hay and straw merchant
Hunter, James 31 Marchmont crescent
Hunter, James 60 Bruntsfield gardens
Hunter, James 8 Heriot place janitor, Geo. Heriot's School
Hunter, James 11 Citadel; house, 6 Admiralty street Boilermaker
Hunter, James 149 Piersfield terrace assurance agent
Hunter, James 14 East Adam street church officer (Lady Glenorchy)
Hunter, James 20 Caledonian crescent
Hunter, James 3 Blackwood crescent Printer
Hunter, James 49 Morningside road stationer
Hunter, James Brownlee Union Bank of Scotland, Hunter Square branch
house, Hillside house, Duddingston
Hunter, James G., 14 Moat place
Hunter, James W., M.A. Bonnington academy, 174 Newhaven road; house, 9 Stanley road teacher of English
Hunter, Jasper 10 Gayfield square janitor, London Street Public School
HUNTER, John 21 Danube street
Hunter John, F.I.C., F.C.S. laboratory, 37 Chambers street county analyst for Midlothian
Hunter, John 43 Haymarket terrace; house, 4 Glendevon pl. glazier and window cleaner
Hunter, John lOO Warrender Park rd com. trav.
Hunter, John 21 Cumberland street
Hunter, John 252 Causewayside; house, 31 Mentone terrace grocer and wine merchant
Hunter, John 31 Meadowbank crescent
Hunter, John 10 Caledonian place
Hunter, John 12 E. Mayfield
Hunter, John 4 Bank street
Hunter, John 9 Murieston crescent
Hunter, John 10 Saughtonhall drive
Hunter, John 15 St. Ronan's terrace
Hunter, John 5 Trafalgar lane
Hunter, John 5 Waverley place
Hunter, John Arthur Silvermills lane E; house, Ford house, Dalkeith seed merchant
Hunter, John Arthur 15 Dunedin street janitor, Broughton Higher Grade School
Hunter, John F. 99 Henderson row
Hunter, John Henry 30 Melville terrace
Hunter, John M. 4 St Vincent street advocate
Hunter, John M. Abbey street janitor, Abbeyhill Public School
Hunter, John M. 43 Ryehill avenue
Hunter, Rev. John Sutherland 15 Russell pl minister
Hunter, John W. 148 M'c Donald road
Hunter, J.C. 50 South Bridge Tailor
Hunter, J. L. 38 Bonaly road grocer
Hunter J. Samuel house, 59 Morningside road Royal Bank tutor, Bankers Institute exams.
Hunter, L. 157 West Port spirit merchant
Hunter. Lady 4 Duke street advocate
Hunter Masou, R.S.W. 54 Queen street; house, 9 Hope street
Hunter, Mrs Agnes C. 71 Montgomery street
Hunter Mrs. A. 17 West Savile terrace
Hunter, Mrs. A. M. 136 Craiglea drive
Hunter, Mrs. James 20 Nile grove
Hunter, Mrs. James A. 7 Scotland street
Hunter, Mrs. James 1 Walker street
Hunter, Mrs John 26 Thirlestane road
Hunter Mrs. John 3 Sciennes Hill place
Hunter, Mrs. J. 6 Murieston ter. dressmaker
Hunter, Mrs. J. 10 Comiston terrace
Hunter, Mrs. Katherine 7 Merchiston Bank gdns.
Hunter, Mrs. More Craigmore house, 23 Craigmillar park
Hunter, Mrs M. 25 Argyle Place baby linen and clothing
Hunter Mrs. M. 9 Bernard terrace
Hunter, Mrs. Ramsey 6 Elgin terrace
Hunter, Mrs. Robertson 71 Morningside park
Hunter, Mrs. R.J. 12 Glencairn crescent
Hunter, Mrs. Samuel Lorneville, 92 Pilrig street
Hunter, Mrs 2 Tarvit street
Hunter Mrs. 156 Newhaven road
Hunter, Mrs. 5 St Ninian's terrace
Hunter, Mrs. 35 Gt. King street
Hunter, Mrs. 16 St Clair terrace
Hunter, Mrs. 6 Rillbank terrace
Hunter, Mrs 3 North Fort street
Hunter Mrs. 201 Morningside road
Hunter, Mrs. 34 Murrayfield road
Hunter, Mrs. 49 Moray place
Hunter, Mrs. 1 Dudley avenue
Hunter, Mrs. 125 Mayfield road
Hunter, Mrs 3 Marchmont street
Hunter Mrs. 5 Hillside street
Hunter, Misses 2 Merchiston place
Hunter, Miss 71 Morningside park teacher of the violin
Hunter, Miss 18 Nile grove private school
Hunter, Miss 9 Hope street
Hunter, Miss 12 Leven terrace dressmaker
Hunter Miss 36 Lady Menzies pl. dressmaker
Hunter, Miss 9 Bellevue terrace
Hunter, Miss 99 Brunswick street newsagent
Hunter, Miss 106 Craiglea drive
Hunter, Florence 243 Dalry road fruiterer
Hunter, Norman M. 1 Belford place hay and straw merchant
Hunter, Peter 131 Warrender Park road
Hunter, Robert 48 Pilrig street
Hunter, Robert 6 St Ninian's ter.
Hunter, Robert 30 Moston terrace
Hunter R.C. 28 and 29 W. Preston street; house, 63 So. Clerk street assurance agent
Hunter, Thomas 22 Albany street, Leith
Hunter, Thos. L.L.D., W.S. City chambers; Inverarbour, 54 Inverleith place Town Clerk
Hunter, Thomas B. 96 Braid road commercial traveller
Hunter, Thomas B. 2a Merchiston place
Hunter, Thomas D. George st.; ho. 11 Gloucester place
Hunter, Thomas H. 55 Warrender Park road
Hunter, Thomas J.G., W.S. 34 St Andrew sq.
Hunter, William 149a Fountainbridge confectioner
Hunter, William 14 West Catherine place riding master and livery stable keeper
Hunter William 9 Bowhill terrace
Hunter, William 6 South Elgin street
Hunter, William 3 Cameron terrace
Hunter, William 39 Buckingham terrace
Hunter, William (W. H. & Sons), 6 Belford park
Hunter, William jun., 37 Granby road
Hunter, William K.C., M.P. 3 Randolph crescent Solicitor-general for Scotland
Hunter, William 7 Montpelier terrace
Hunter, William 106 Bruntsfield place grocer
Hunter, William Eclipse Works, Craighall crescent; 178 Granton tobacco pipe manufacturer
Hunter, William 3a Greenside place chimney sweeper
Hunter, William C, W.S. 70 Great King street
Hunter, William F. Jane Lodge, 76 Newbattle terrace representative, Clement & Son
Hunter, William Scott 23 Howe street
Hunter, W. S. 27 Harden place
Hunter E. A. & F. & Co. 34 Coates gardens dressmaker
Middleton, Hunter, & Duff 42 Frederick street civil engineers
Hunter, J.W. Portobello Am. Rowing Club 1 Argyle place treasurer