Something About Me and Blogging


At this minute in time my last entry on the main website was about 5 months ago and I can imagine viewers, who regularly check for new installments, thinking I have given up or died or something. With so much Hunter stuff accumulated over the years (180,000 files and 36,000 folders), I need to constantly take time out to update, tidy, relocate and adjust as newer or deeper knowledge is found.

I have been trying to take my Hunters of Forfar to the next level, these last four months. Though I try to discipline myself and keep on task I still stumble over other topics, names or places which need copying and locating either joining part of a tale I have, or the seeds of a new one in the future. It all sucks up time.

Maybe this blog will allow me to do the deeper finding out while still keep adding new stuff online.


This blog gives me a chance to get names and places online, bits of history, pictures &etc., that I have unearthed without me having to spend a lot of time researching into. It may be the start of a future project or a mini-story that I can't put anywhere else yet or maybe some reader out there has already done research on that theme and we could maybe compare notes. That would certainly save me time to get on with another subject.

If you have done research on your family roots and can write a nice wee cover story I could add it to the website, which may just attract info for you.

Being on my own I still do not have time for individual genealogy queries, I had hoped to have had a few volunteers to help out .. maybe one day.


Well, apart from the stuff I wrote on the main site, I'm 64, passionate about what I am doing, but still up for a laugh. As far as Hunter history I know a little about lots, seeking Hunters who know a lot about little, for exchange.
P.S. the guy on the right of the photo, was at a fancy dress party ~ not "wilderness years" or such :-)